This folder uses the 'folder_contentload' fragment with collective.multitheme. To Just open the 'page view', click on the Title


A button that links to content

Contentload fragment

Loads content from the site

Counter fragment

Two different types: Counter fragment and Counters fragments (that shows all items of a folder with 'counter view'

Feature fragment

Singel feature fragment

Features fragment

Shows content with keyword with 'features layout'

Folder Contentload Fragment

This fragment is basically a folder view that loads content with Ajax

Info block


This block comes with a lot of options. Resize your browser to see how things float

Pat-Inject Fragment

Autoload content from another url with javascriptCongratulations! You have successfully installed Plone.


A Folder view (use it for a folder of PDFs). Icons can be set with medialog.iconpicker

Search fragment

Search fragment and Live Search fragment. Live search fragment is currently not working

Services fragment

Shows content in folder with 'services layout' .  3 different layouts

Slider fragment

Shows images in carousel

Social block

Structure fragments

AboveContent fragment and AboveContentTitle fragment